I am skilled and experienced in the following facets of the design process:

Conceptual Design: I am motivated and have an inherent desire to find inspired product solutions that will increase functionality, usability and comfort. My unique blend of skills include strong creative and conceptual design coupled with many years experience as an alpinist, tramper, rock climber and traveller.

Range Planning: I can assist in improving the ranging of new or existing product lines; this includes enhancing range logic and product stories and increasing production and stock efficiencies.

Pattern-making: Care and attention at the pattern-making stage can make a huge difference to both the appearance and function of a product without adding any cost. With many years of experience at pattern-making I can produce high quality patterns and also identify and solve any pattern issues that may arise during the sampling process.  While employed by Arthur Ellis Limited I used Lectra software for all pattern and marker-making. Since then I have produced many card or paper patterns and have also learnt to use PAD System’s Master Digit software.

Design Communication: When dealing with any factory, clear design communication is crucial. The most appropriate communication is driven by many variables and can include any number of the following:

  • Part or full patterns
  • Specifications
  • 2D or 3D rendering
  • Scale dimension drawings
  • Colour up drawings
  • Part or full samples
  • Models

I currently have a well-equipped design studio and sampling workshop which gives me the ability to produce any of the above.

Construction: I design with a strong understanding of various construction techniques and methodologies, resulting in products that are easier and therefore more cost-effective to produce.

Sample assessments: Analysing and reviewing development or prototype samples is a crucial part of the process as providing clear and concise information will assist the manufacturer in getting everything correct.

Quality control (QC): With my broad understanding of product construction and a strong eye for detail I can also offer a QC service.

Marketing: Designers usually have a greater understanding of the products we work on than anyone else. I believe it is important to provide the marketing experts all the information they need to allow them to promote the features and benefits of a product effectively.

While employed by Arthur Ellis I used Lectra software for all pattern and marker making. Since then I have produced many card or paper patterns and have also learnt to use PAD Master Digit software.

Andy Milne Outdoor Design
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