Leisurepod Trailer Camper

Allan Croad, the founder of Mountain Buggy, was having some difficulty developing the fabric components for his innovative Leisurepod camping trailer. Using Tent design principles I designed a canvas wall for the Leisurepod and then the polyester awning, vestibule and side shelter. Once I had completed the patterns for the canvas wall I travelled to China to develop the first sample set . I returned home with photo samples and then a few days later the next show samples arrived just in time for the debut of the Leisurepod at the Caravan and Motorhome Show in Auckland. The next stage was preparing for production. Aware that there were many things that the factory could get wrong especially with the canvas wall I transferred the patterns from card to Padsystem incorporating a few design changes and produced a 64 page production specification. The canvas walls were the most time-consuming to develop due to the fixed attachment points of the trailer and roof combined with the non-stretch characteristics of the canvas.

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